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Paul & Paulina

ss-1000000323The only reason I went looking for a new vibrator at my local adult shop. I have owned one or two over the years but have always preferred a live partner. But I’m between companions, so I decided to treat myself to something fun and powerful.

It was overwhelming looking at the selection, so I narrowed my criteria down to something colourful, something fun, silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof. That made it easier to start clearing the way, and after some searching, I found what I was looking for with the Fun Factory Paul & Paulina in a bright and vibrant violet hue bought mine at the official Australian retailer of Fun Factory toys, I bought mine at AdultToys247.…

How to Date an Older Man at Your Workplace?

porncover2Dating an older man at workplace doesn’t have anything to do with your colleagues at work. When I talk about dating older men at workplace, I mean trying to hook up with older male customers who give business to your organisation. Cosmo did an interesting piece on dating older men.

Dating Older Man?

Some of the best jobs which can land you potential dates with sugar daddies are: personal shopper or customer service assistant at an upmarket retail outlet, admin assistant in a reputed financial institution or law firm, flight attendant, hostess or a waitress in an upmarket restaurant etc. You can also easily find potential older men dates as an attorney, broker or real estate agent.

All of …

Thinking of Dating Younger Men?! Let’s Go over Some Do’s and Don’ts

029When dating men considerably younger than you, you may want to do it just for fun and not see any future for both of you together. That’s alright. In most cases, it is mostly about physical attraction and less about romance. As the circumstances are special, the rules also differ from regular relationship. Let’s go over some important dos and don’ts when you’re dating younger men.

Never mention your future plans – Although this will depend greatly on your specific situation and the age difference, in most cases your partner may not be interested in a long-term relationship. He may just be looking for an adventurous ride for a while. Telling him about your future plans is only going to …

Sex Booster

bed-man-womanRolling up a towel or using pillows off the bed just wasn’t giving me the lift that I knew would make sex with my boyfriend even better. As good as our sex was I knew it could be better, and I ordered us the Liberator Ramp – awesome!

Liberator Ramp Video

He took one look at the Ramp that had arrived and started taking off my clothes, as eager to use it as I was. I’ll spare one and all the details, but suffice it to say, this new Ramp is a staple in our bedroom. And since we don’t have kids, or many visitors to our bedroom, it never even gets put away.

What we really love about the …

Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Review

cv-1842110032I was always under the impression that a mini vibrator would obviously deliver low intensity vibrations. However, the Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Fab Pink gave me a pleasant surprise in that regard!

Mini Mates video

This vibrator is not only as good as some other powerful vibrators I have used earlier, it is much better than many too!

What I found really great about it is its unique tip or end. Most of the vibrators I’ve used in the past had a penile head shaped end. Some others were really tapered at the top, thereby failing miserably in delivering the sensations I so wanted.

When I used Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Fab Pink vibrator for the …

Lingerie Fit For A Goddess

hbz-dita2-lead-smI wanted something simple and demure to wear in the bedroom. Something innocent yet beguiling that would make me look like a strict schoolmarm (without the flannel), but hint at the sexy goddess underneath.

Choosing Lingerie

A lot to ask from a piece of lace, but I think I actually found it with the Pure Embroidered Gown and G-String in Pale Pink.

I’m definitely not comfortable with showing a lot of skin, so a long negligee was exactly what I needed. I love that this gown features supportive underwire cups so everything is kept in place, plus I love the boost that it gives to my bust. The empire waist is really flattering so I don’t have to suck in …

Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager Review

cv-1810350002I found this massager quite smooth and considering that it has some very sensual curves that allow me to hit just the places I want to, it has quickly become my most favoured sex toy. The best part is that I don’t need to keep replacing its batteries (I’m a heavy user you know!). All I need to do is charge it via its USB cable while I’m working and I can simply unplug it and use it whenever I want!

There are 7 different functions in this massager which are good enough for me to find my exact pleasure point. It’s made up of water resistant material and hence I can play with it whatever way I like without …

Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit Pink Review

cv-1844630019I have seen several rabbit vibrators in the past at my friends’ places but as I had never used them personally, I always used to wonder whether they really worked and how they worked if they did?!

All of them looked extremely cute! I got answers to each one of my questions few days ago when I received Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit Pink vibrator in mail. Finally I figured out how the rabbit vibrators work!

As soon as I received it I drew a bath for myself and carried the bunny with me. The sensations I received were nothing short of mind blowing! The rotating beads at its center introduced me to sensations I had never thought were there in …

How to Be Comfortable with Your Older Male Lover?

BLD019381-1Trying to be comfortable with an older male date is just like looking for comfort when you’re on your first or second date with any other man. It is obvious for the two individuals to try to look for a certain level of compatibility. But, when it comes to older men, there is an expected twist, which is the mutually beneficial angle to it. Older male lovers are not called Sugar daddies for no reason.

Many women don’t feel comfortable asking things from their lovers. I know of a girlfriend who told her older male lover that she just didn’t feel comfortable asking things from him, because it’s just wasn’t in her nature. She insisted that her male lover would …

Men’s Obsession With Lingerie: What Do They Like Best?

58_love_secretsAs you’re reading this, women worldwide are currently shopping for lingerie to seduce and tantalise their men, or alternatively they are using it as an aid  to empower themselves. Lingerie has been used as a sexual mechanism for years now and there’s no future of its slowing down anytime soon.

Everyone loves to feel special, including men….and when you buy  that sexy item with your man in mind – he will feel like a  million bucks simply for the fact that he knows you  want to impress him. Men find this a huge turn-on, and they see it as a  private showing where they have the VIP ticket to the  unveiling.

So what do guys love seeing women in? Well, …